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Upcoming Events
4th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad
The 4th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad will be organized from January 10-12 2014.
From:10th Jan 2014 10:00    To:12th Jan 2014 16:00
Swami Vivekanand Mandap, MIT Campus, Pune
1- Sita, Draupadi Se Nirbhaya Tak-Preventing Crime Against Women
Relevance: The injustice and atrocities against women has been the part and parcel of human civilization.
From:10th Jan 2014 16:15    To:10th Jan 2014 17:55
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
2 -Political Leadership-What Young India Wants?
Relevance: Being a young nation, India has too many hopes and aspirations from the people who are assuming responsible positions in the system.
From:11th Jan 2014 09:00    To:11th Jan 2014 10:45
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
3-Is consumerism consuming India?
Relevance: The globalization of various national economies has opened the floodgates for prosperity as well as provided access to global goods and services.
From:11th Jan 2014 11:00    To:11th Jan 2014 12:40
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
4-Money & Politics: Is Democracy For Sale?:
Relevance: Democracy is all about equal opportunities, justice and transparency. It has been accepted by majority of the modern countries as the best form of government.
From:11th Jan 2014 14:15    To:11th Jan 2014 15:55
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
5-Film, Music & Sports: Unifying forces in India
Relevance: We have enough divisive forces on the lines of caste, religion and region. These divisive forces also get reflected in the political process as well.
From:11th Jan 2014 16:15    To:11th Jan 2014 17:50
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
6-Innovating Education: Empowering Youth
Relevance:Education system of any country is the base for empowering youth.
From:12th Jan 2014 09:00    To:12th Jan 2014 10:30
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
7-Voice of Youth:"Ek Sawal Sau Jawab"
Relevance: Freedom of expression is the core value of democracy.
From:12th Jan 2014 11:00    To:12th Jan 2014 12:40
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra
8-Resolving Naxalism through Development
Relevance: Dealing with Naxalism is a major challenge before several states of India and national government.
From:12th Jan 2014 14:00    To:12th Jan 2014 15:30
MAEERs MIT, Pune, Maharashtra